Mini Pumpkin Donut Muffins

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus. We’re back and hopefully here to stay. We have some individual projects, so we won’t be able to share as many comics and recipes as we would like, but we would like to share a few every month to our readers. (I know D already gave a similar spiel, but I wanted to say something too since this is my first post since our hiatus.)

With pumpkin season in full effect, our house has smelled like pumpkins and cinnamon from all the baking I’ve been doing. I thought these were perfect for the blog. How adorable are these mini donut muffins?!

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Being Dirty Isn’t So Bad

Cute Food Comic Dirty Isnt so Bad

Welcome back! We’ve been working on a couple of other projects since our wedding. Hope you enjoy this latest comic.

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