Ube flavored Macarons

I love french macarons. They are delicate, slightly chewy cookies with a ganache filling inside.

Recently I thought I would experiment and try making ube flavored and pandan flavored macarons because both ube and pandan are such pretty colors. Unfortunately, the macarons did not come out right at all. I think it may have been the addition of food coloring. A lot of recipes I’ve seen use a powder food coloring of if it is a flavor, they used freeze dried powder of that flavor.

There were two main problems with these macs. First, the color didn’t come out as brilliantly as I thought and took a brownish tinge after baking. Second, they inflated and then the top skin layer separated from the rest of the shell, creating a hollow space in the shell with a wrinkled surface.

Since my recipe didn’t work out, I won’t post it here.

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