Kit Kat Spotting

Japan is well known for their numerous flavors of kit kats. Whenever someone I know is visiting Japan, I ask for different flavored kit kats as souvenirs. Each province in Japan actually has their own kit kat flavor and certain flavors are developed just for the holidays.

In the US, we only get milk chocolate, and occasional white or dark chocolate. In Japan, the flavors seem endless. There is green tea, purple yam, red bean, wasabi, just to name a few.

Recently on a trip to Mitsuwa market, a japanese market chain, I found some different flavors. Mitsuwa usually carries some different flavors around Christmas and New Years. This year they have milk tea, pudding and one flavor I didn’t recognize. I bought all three, I’ll post the pictures later. I really liked them all. The milk tea tasted just like milk tea and the pudding one tastes just like the egg pudding that people like to put in their tapioca drinks.

I also saw some strawberry flavored crunch bars, but I’m not a fan of strawberry flavor.

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