Sprinkles Valentine’s Day Cupcake

The lines at Sprinkles La Jolla always seem to be endless whenever we are available to go. We decided to go ahead and brave the line anyway. One thing I learned is that as long as you are in line before the store closing time, you will get to go in. I feel bad for those poor employees because there is about an hour’s wait of line outside around closing time.

For Valentine’s Day, Sprinkles created a dark chocolate cupcake, studded with chocolate chips and frosted with a raspberry frosting. The sourness of the raspberry flavor made this frosting not as sickeningly sweet as some of the other frostings. I liked the addition of the addition of chocolate chip to the batter as it packs an extra chocolate punch to the cupcake.

If you are interested in checking out the chocolate raspberry cupcake, it is only available until February 14 (today). I’m loving the simple decoration of this cupcake.

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