Sakura Mochi

Since this blog is called “Mochi Thoughts,” I thought I’d share some mochi pictures today. I recently bought some sakura mochi. While it is available year round at Japanese markets, it was on sale a few weeks ago in celebration of Girl’s Day, a holiday in Japan when sakura mochi is usually eaten.

The mochi are made of glutinous rice and colored a pale pink. They are wrapped in a pickled sakura (cherry blossom) leaf. The effect is that these mochi looks like a cherry blossom. The inside is usually a sweet red bean filling. The outside leaf has a sour salty flavor that adds an interesting taste when eaten with the sweet mochi.

I’ve always been drawn to these mochi mainly because of how they look. I love the delicate pale pink. It’s actually not too hard to make. But I haven’t been able to make my own because I don’t know where to buy the pickled sakura leaves.

Here is a recipe for sakura mochi.

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