Matcha Marshmallows

I love homemade marshmallows. Love love. The processed store bought ones I can eat a few and then they I start feeling a little sick. But homemade ones are lighter, softer, and without that taste that makes me feel nauseous after eating too many.

I’ve read on countless blogs that homemade marshmallows are easy to make. So I finally set about making them.

I’m not sure if it was the recipe, or if I did something wrong. My marshmallows were not easy to make. And once they were done (I let them dry overnight as directed), they were really hard to cut because everything was so sticky. The texture was also a bit off. They were gummier than past homemade marshmallows I’ve eaten.

One of the possible problems I think was that it took a really long time for my marshmallow mixture to reach the desired temperature of 240F. The temperature rose to 220F and then remained stuck there for several minutes. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen.

Anyone have any tips or another marshmallow recipe to share with me? I used this recipe here, except that I added matcha green tea powder to make them matcha flavored.

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