Pick Me Up

Cute Food Comics, Pick Me Up

If you ever wondered if the food you’re trying to pick up expect you to pick them up a certain way. Yes, they’d probably like you to not stab them before you put them in your mouth and chew them to bits. 🙂


Cute Food Comics, Misfortune

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the New Year. We’re back from a lengthy vacation and we’re kicking things off with a varying update schedule. We’ve got a wedding coming up this year and all the planning that goes with it. We also have other things we want to accomplish for this year that may affect the update schedule as well. Stay tuned!

Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies

During this holiday week we are doing a lot of eating. We hope you are too! Before Christmas, I baked a few different kind of cookies to give to family and friends.  One of the cookies making our holiday cookie batch this year were these amazing, sinfully rich double chocolate cookies.

I’ve tried many many double chocolate cookie recipes and this one is my favorites. I love how simple it is (some recipes require melting chocolate, etc) and how rich the cookies come out. Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Surprise! We decided to put all of the illustrations together so you can have something for this week while we are on break. Have a safe and happy holidays!
See you in the New Year!

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